Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Farm Tour 2009, Part 2

After the farm tour left Blue Ridge Poultry, we headed just a few miles down the road to the Fincastle Vineyard and Winery.

Here the Sawyers grow a variety of grapes for their wines. I learned that some grapes need warmer air so they are planted higher on the hill so the cold doesn't get them. Variety matters.

Below our host Richard Sawyer explained how he started the vineyard in 1995. It was Botetourt's first winery.

This is the tasting room. It is cozy and comfortable inside. The place is also a bed and breakfast. The attached house features a great porch complete with shade, a breeze and rocking chairs.

There is also a little pool for atmosphere. The sound of the waterfall nearly lulled me to sleep.

Join me Friday for Part 3.


  1. Neat, I've ridden by here several times now on my bike. It is truly a beautiful place to look at. I was confused until yesterday at why it was Fincastle Vinyard when it's nowhere near Fincastle. Bot Co must have some odd "town lines."

  2. What a nice idea...this tour. I'm enjoying it!

  3. Are you sure it wasn't perhaps some wine that lulled you to sleep rather than the waterfall? *giggles*

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  4. one of these days i will have to stop in...lovely photos.

  5. Interesting. I love reading about farms and visiting them.


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