Sunday, July 26, 2009

Good day, Sunshine

AF20090714N 019

It has taken me days to get my computer back to where I feel comfortable with it. Still, I find it so different from what I had used for four years that I am not quite certain all that I lost.

My calendar, for one. My contacts list, for another. Thankfully I had enough sense to print those out and to put them in .pdf format before I disconnected the old computer. The  e-files I emailed to myself. The information is not lost, just not as accessible.

The new and improved Windows offers a lot of stuff. A “Live Blog” feature allows me to write and post to my blog without ever connecting to It formats paragraphs funny and is taking some getting used to.

I imagine young people love it.

Also I have been beleaguered by requests from Windows to “join” various components that would follow how I use windows. They want to track me, as it were, following my every key punch and mouse track to see what I am doing and why.  “We won’t collect your information” the little notes all say, and I decline them all. But I bet they’re collecting information anyway.

I do not trust corporations. Not a single one. The makers of Tylenol may be glad their product kills my pain but they are happier still with the bucks my pain puts in their pocket.

I have a Brita pitcher filter. The filter leaves little black spots of charcoal all over the top of the pitcher. Every filter does this. On the packaging it says a little of this is normal at first. It happens all the time. It’s not harmful, the packaging says.

I don’t believe it but I drink the water anyway because it tastes a little better with the filter. It’s like Coast soap – the smallest soap in the house, not because it’s used to much but because the way it’s made makes it go away very quickly in water. And we swallow the commercial and the claims.

Hopefully I am now back in business and Monday will find me  ready to tackle some  writing projects, my and my little tracking computer.


  1. Glad you're up and running again. Like you, I don't trust corporations either. If anyone prints that they can be trusted on the label, it makes me wonder.

  2. PG - yes I did have to get Vista. I don't really have a problem with it. IE8 sure does seem to have some bugs, though.

    I will upgrade to Windows 7 as soon as it is available.

  3. I just got a new computer too and it does take some getting used to.

    And i've seen those black speckles in the filter pitchers too. Mine didn't appear until a little after i started using it. Gotta love modern technology.


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