Saturday, July 18, 2009

Finding Grace #7

Continuing my count to 100 things for which I am grateful...

66. Eyes. I am thankful for my own eyes, even if they do need corrective lenses, as well as the eyes of others. They truly are a window into the soul.

67. Lunch with a friend. What a great way to break up a day and feel a connection.

68. Potato chips. I know they are fattening and I shouldn't eat them, but I do love to have them on occasion.

69. Thunderstorms. Storms make you unplug, unconnect, and hunker down. I love to see the lightning flash, and then there is the little thrill that runs up my spine during a strong thunder boom...

70. Clouds. Clouds make you exercise your imagination if you're looking for pictures.

71. Poetry. What would the world be with rhyme and meter? If Frost had never written "The Road Not Taken"?

72. Waiters and waitresses. I know it's a pretty thankless job but I am grateful that on occasion, someone else does the cooking and brings me my plate.

73. Secret places in the mind. Everyone should have a sanctuary in their imagination, a place where they can go for solace and hope.

74. Dreams. I love my dreams, because they are often catalysts for interesting ideas. Not so fond of nightmares, though.

75. Kisses. Hey, husband, come on over here!

76. Swiffer dusters. I had never used them before until last week. These things are great. Highly recommended.

77. Birds. I enjoy the sound of birds twittering and tweeting (isn't that what folks do on and I like watching them fly around.

78. Electricity. Isn't this great stuff, that makes the computer run and the lights come off and on? I hope the cost of it doesn't grow so high that most people can't afford it. That would be bad. But we need to find a cleaner way to make it.

79. Libraries. Don't you love being able to check out a book, use the Internet for free, converse with folks at the counter?

80. History. I enjoy looking back at the past and seeing what happened in the long ago. Hopefully you learn something from it.

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