Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Dell called

After all the craziness last week with a computer, I have about settled in with this new Dell.

My only gripe was a big Dell Register window that kept popping up and wouldn’t go away. I had already registered the computer.

So on Monday I sought out a tech at Dell for an online chat, and we resolved the issue. I did all the work myself, choosing not to use the remote assistance thing because the remote assistance thing with Norton appeared to have been the cause of a cut/paste issue with IE8 when I was setting up the computer. Besides, I like doing it.

Last night, a fellow from Dell called to see that all was well with my product. He had an accent and I had to ask him to repeat himself once or twice but mostly I was shocked that I received follow up.

This is great customer service! This is what companies should be doing.

This made me really glad that I bought a Dell. Me and my new computer are going to be very happy together for a good number of years.


  1. Good choice. I've had a Dell laptop (through work) that has been problem-free for years. My HP desktop at home is a lemon. Hope you have many years of happy computing!

  2. Suprised you had such good customer service. I'd have to say the exact opposite about Dell. I had to go so far as threatening legal action. I wound up with the name and number for the Corporate Office's technical support guy. Glad to hear of your good fortune though! =)

  3. Agree with Jen on the poor Dell customer service... perhaps they are getting their act together. May the two of you have a long and lasting, happily ever after relationship. It's just great when computers work and do all that they were meant to do. *smiles*



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