Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bucks in velvet

Saturday evening my friend B. and I sat on my deck sipping tea and talking.

I heard a shuffle in the woods.

A herd of bucks slipped past my shed and down the fence line. We watched, awed,
as seven deer with velvet antlers moved through the woods.

My camera lay in my office. But Sunday evening my husband and I sat on the deck.

And at about the same time, several bucks moved from the woods into the pasture.

Right now they are running together, but soon they will be shedding their velvet skins and they will fight amongst themselves.

The rut will begin.


  1. I've already got my young trees protected. Learned my lesson last year!

  2. We haven't seen any, but our neighbor stopped over last night and said they had one in their backyard this week.

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  3. beautiful captures anita.
    lucky you to have them visiting.

  4. Wow. Seven bucks! In all my years of living in the country and having deer eat my hosta and rhododendron and other flowers down to nubs, I've only seen a few bucks. It must have been so exciting to see seven at the time. You were very fortunate to have the bucks stop there.


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