Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thursday Thirteen: Graduation

The nephew, who graduates from Lord Botetourt High School Friday night. He is going to college to learn to be a trauma surgeon.

1. Dear Graduate, your future is NOW.

2. Move forward and grab life by the tonsils. Since you want to be a trauma surgeon, you should be able to do that! Do not hide behind yesterday's A in history or last week's touchdown in football. Those glories are behind you. Remember them fondly but strive for new grades and new scores.

3. Your education has given you a great foundation, even if you did despise a few of your teachers. Reading, writing and arithmetic really are the building blocks of the world.

4. Your family loves you and will stand behind you always. Your manners are terrific, your smile contagious, and an arm around your uncle makes everyone's chest swell with pride at your thoughtfulness.

5. When you stumble, and you will, stand up, dust off your britches, and get back in there. There's no harm in stepping back to regroup so long as you do move forward.

6. Money can solve a lot of problems, but if in the end all you have are dollar bills, you really don't have much. Take time to cultivate relationships with your friends and family. A dollar bill will never wipe fevered sweat from your brow; someone who loves you always will.

7. Own a dog. Everyone needs a little unconditional love. They also are a great responsibility and a humble reminder of the simple things.

8. Thank your parents for all they have done. They raised you to speak well and to be polite and because of this you will move easily in all arenas of the world.

9. Find your spirituality wherever you need to. whether you follow an established religion or dance naked to your version of a higher power, please remember that the universe is greater than you and there are forces beyond measure working in the world.

10. Read the newspaper. Current events do affect you, whether you realize it or not. Politics play a larger role in everyone's lives than they admit or know. From the taxes you pay to the laws you must obey, the events of the day shape and mold you. Don't ignore them.

11. Have fun. Life is not all work. Make time for reading, watching TV and playing. Schedule it in if you have to.

12. Travel. Nothing broadens the mind and opens eyes like visiting another culture and seeing how other people live. Remember that you have been sheltered in the bosom of your family for 18 years; you have seen little of the hardships and heartaches that most of the world experience. Seeing new vistas and speaking to different people will open your heart in ways that words and pictures cannot.

13. Exercise and take care of your body. You'll need your stamina and your physical abilities for a long time to come, so don't let them go slack. Eat right, even when you're so busy it seems you have no time for dinner. You're the only one who can take care of you so start doing it right now.

Lastly, remember that your aunt and uncle love you with all their hearts. Call us if you need anything. We're always here.

Aunt Anita

Thursday Thirteen is played by lots of people; you can learn more about it here. My other Thursday Thirteens are here. This is my 98th one.


  1. Very sweet list. Not many kids that age have such a great ambition.

  2. this interestingly applies to me after all these years :)

    wonderful TT :D

    i am inspired :D

  3. How sweet! Best wishes to your nephew!

  4. many congrats to your nephew Anita.
    have a wonderful thursday

  5. God bless :) great post!moun

  6. Kudos and what good thoughts to pass along.

  7. Very good advices you gave there ! But a dog is a little difficult to keep when you study. Better would be a cat they are more independant !

  8. Congratulations to your nephew, that is awesome!

  9. Great list for a brilliant and handsome young man!

  10. very well written! goodluck to the graduate.

    Here's mine

  11. Grab life by the tonsils? LOL!

  12. You should give speeches at graduation ceremonies!

  13. Congratulations!!!!!! How exciting, and best wishes from the Tates!

  14. I love your TT! That is great advice, Aunt Anita. And congrats to your handsome nephew. I'm sure he'll make a wonderful surgeon.


  16. Well said! And congrats to the Nephew.


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