Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thursday Thirteen: Botetourt Co.

Today I offer you 13 things to see in Botetourt County.

1. The Botetourt County Courthouse.

Local lore says this courthouse was designed by Thomas Jefferson. This present courthouse was rebuilt in the 1970s after the previous courthouse burned. The vault, housing records dating back to 1770, withstood the intense heat of the fire and the records were preserved.

2. The Botetourt County History Museum. Learn about the county's history and her people.

3. The Civil War Trail. Botetourt County was pillaged during Hunter's Raid. Presently there are historic markers in Buchanan, but there also should be some in Blue Ridge. Maybe one day.

4. Roaring Run. This is a great place for a picnic and a hike. The Roaring Run furnace is the remnant of an old iron furnace where pig iron was made. Nearby is the remains of the Town of Lignite.

5. The Town of Buchanan is a large historic district and has shops and eateries. It is great for strolling and visiting.

6. The Pomegranate in Troutville is an upscale restaurant. It is relatively new but worth a look.

7. The Botetourt Sports Complex, in and of itself, is simply a fancy ball field. But the vistas offer breathtaking looks at the mountain ranges, The Botetourt Center at Greenfield, and some of the better subdivisions. Definitely worth the walk around the track just for the view.

8. The Town of Fincastle has walking tours available. The town bills itself as a Little Williamsburg and it offers brick sidewalks, charming cottages and homes, and a glimpse at a life long past.

9. The Botetourt Wine Trail will take you to the county's three wineries. A great way to relax in a quiet country atmosphere.

10. Jake Cress's woodworking shop in Fincastle offers up a whimsical look at woodworking.

11. Churches. Botetourt County has many old churches, particularly in Fincastle and Buchanan but also around the entire county. In particular, check out the Fincastle Methodist and Presbyterian churches. Some of the oldest churches are in the Blue Ridge area.

12. Scenic Roads. We're blessed with lovely vistas all around. Check out Rts. 43 and 615 in the northern part of the county. Also try Rt. 606 from Fincastle to Craig County, Catawba Road, US 11, and various and sundry turnoffs, almost all of which are sure to delight.

13. Old Trinity School House Quilts. A great place to look if you're into sewing and quilting and such. There's also historic significance to the building.

Thursday Thirteen is played by lots of people; you can learn more about it here. My other Thursday Thirteens are here. This is my 99th one.


  1. You become a tour guide for Botetourt County!

  2. Wow... lots of history in Botetourt County.

  3. I love history! Had a minor in it in college I liked it so much. Botetourt sounds like a beautiful place to live.

  4. I love Roaring Run. I have some fantastic photos of the falls. I gave away a kiss or two at that place too!

  5. Looks lovely...if I ever get through with this and that and get up your way, perhaps we can combine a bit of a photo tour with lunch!

  6. Nice tour info. Sounds like an interesting place to visit.

  7. Cool post. You would probably be the person to send me in the right direction to find more information about Lithia and Nace and those communities relationship with the railroad. I've loved riding through there, and am intrigued by the dates on the railroad crossings and "culverts." I want to go back some time and write the dates down along with the GPS coordinates to see if there's some sort of pattern.


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