Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thursday Thirteen

Great things about no longer working all the time:

1. Time to clean... the house, the drawers, the closets, the car...

2. Reading. Those books gathering dust on the shelf are getting a real work out.

3. Window-watching. Just the other day as I looked out the window, I spied three deer, a kitty cat, a turkey and a raccoon!

4. Redoing the resume. Who knew that this kind of writing was the hardest of all? But it's always good to have the thing up to date.

5. Volunteering. I hadn't been without my largest client for 24 hours before the requests for my time and energy to some worthy call came pouring in.

6. Cooking. With a tighter budget, less prepared foods means brushing up on those cooking skills.

7. Gardening. Nothing like the threat of starvation (I'm just kidding, it's not that bad ... yet) to engender a green thumb!

8. Weight loss. I suppose it's the worry, because I didn't think I'd been doing very well at eating, but I've dropped a couple of pounds since April 30.

9. Exercise. More times means more Tai Chi. Or Wii Fit. Or whatever.

10. Video games. Plenty of time now to get it right on Farm Town on Facebook or get the highest score on Scramble or Word Challenge.

11. Caught up laundry. Seems like I used to think I had laundry to do all the time, now I really am doing it all time.

12. Social networking. All of those Facebook thingies I was ignoring now have a little appeal as I try to fill the hours.

13. Reading help wanted ads. I used to read these for story ideas; now I'm looking for a job.

Thursday Thirteen is played by lots of people; you can learn more about it here. My other Thursday Thirteens are here. This is my 96th one.


  1. Just imagine all the dusting we one room. We have wall to wall books in our computer room.

    My 13 is posted. Either use the link provided at the top of my Thursday blog or scroll down to the bottom of the entry. It’s English for Dummies!… Have a great day.

  2. Good luck on your job search and kudos on discovering the upside of having time on your hands.

  3. I don't think laundry is ever caught up lol Good luck in your job search. Happy T13!

  4. It sounds like you're filling those hours very well, Anita. Best wishes as you head down new paths in your journey.

  5. Are there even any jobs for writers? Maybe start that novel? I hope you enjoy you're layoff and find something you love when you're ready.

  6. I thought you were free lancing. The only thing I can think of worse than writing a resume is coming up with a bunch of query letters.

  7. I totally feel this list! I'm doing pretty much all of those things but still am having trouble keeping up with my blog. I guess having easier access to the internet would help that but what can ya do?!

    Good Luck! I know something marvelous will come your way!

  8. Great list, I'm glad you're finding things to do at least. Growing up, my father was unemployed a lot, & as a kid I actually preferred it when he was at home because things got done around the house, (although the money was tighter of course)

  9. I'm addicted to Farm Town too.

    Good luck with the job search.

    Happy TT!

  10. Sounds like you're keeping yourself busy. Even FB comes in handy at times. Happy Thursday!

    Thursday 13 - edition 7
    101 Things About Me

  11. Alice -
    I am a freelancer; I lost my major client. I'm still doing some freelancing but nothing like what I was. So I need to either find a job or write more query letters!

  12. Good luck with the hunt, and congrats on having the time to catch up on a few things.


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