Sunday, May 17, 2009

Spam Poem #2

The Charity Prince offered insight to guide
the possibilities in my private life.
No thanks, said I.
Nobody looks here.
Spice up your senses, earn more per week,
life can be better, the Prince urged.
Just one little click.
Relax and take your time.
This is helpful information.

Breathing life into my intimacy,
I bent my mouth close
to the ear of the supercharged desires
so my hot breath
could convey my message.
The thing I never knew existed, I whispered,
my lips caressing passionately the lobe
of my listener, is that I
am not to blame

*Every line contains all or part of a subject line in one of the over 2,600 pieces of spam in my spam box.*


  1. My! You actually *keep* spam? I occasionally open the Nigeria spams, just so I can amaze myself with the chutzpah of the writers, but the rest of it? Gone ....

  2. This is an amazing poem!! I love what you've done here. Very clever (and creepy... in a good way).


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