Sunday, May 03, 2009

My monthly tasks

I thought I would post a listing of what I wrote in April for the newspaper. This is about what I wrote every month. I am not including 16 other stories I wrote in April that are supposed to run in May in a special edition. So those could be added to this total.

I took this directly from my invoice to the publisher. The dates are the edition the story was printed in; most are front page stories and these are the headlines. I have blanked out a few names to protect privacy.

As you can see, this took a lot of time. I am still grappling with the idea of losing it, but I am sure that things will look up soon. Maybe even tomorrow - Mondays can be good days!

Anyway, here you go:

04/01/09 Crew starts moving dirt for ER Library
04/01/09 Photo: Eagle Rock Library construction
04/01/09 3 dozen laid off at Metalsa
04/01/09 Women’s legacies important component
04/01/09 Photo: F--- W---- with Attic Productions
04/01/09 Photo: R--- A---- at Historic Fincastle lunch
04/01/09 Photo: Board honors H---
04/01/09 Southern States delays rezoning request
04/01/09 It’s wait and see after water territory hearing
04/01/09 Septic system issues could be getting stinky
04/01/09 Overhead wiring gets reluctant approval
04/01/09 County signs lease for Boxley Fields
04/01/09 Court says garbage haulers can join suit
04/08/09 Master thesis looks at Upper James and Bay
04/08/09 Photo: I---- C-----
04/08/09 Photo: They’re off! Easter Egg hunt
04/08/09 Photo: Clean Valley cleanup – Town of Troutville
04/08/09 County budget down 1.7 percent this year
04/08/09 While unemployment rises, rate still lowest in the area/state
04/08/09 March building permits
04/15/09 B---- elected to head state’s CA association
04/15/09 Photo: J--- B-----
04/15/09 County seizes first house/asset forfeiture
04/15/09 Botetourt farmers market begins second season
04/15/09 Photos (2): Trash now goes to convenience center
04/22/09 Austin, Clinton, Wallace, Sullivan running again
04/22/09 County voters will have varying choices in June
04/22/09 Photos (2): Farmers market opens
04/22/09 Photos (2): Yard sale benefits Troutville Park
04/22/09 Former county attorney asks council to fight
04/22/09 County voters will have choices in June
04/22/09 Pen Women earn Kendig Award
04/22/09 Troutville Town Hall faces $200,000 repairs
04/22/09 $88.8 million county budget expected
04/22/09 Photos (2): British classics cruise BR Parkway
04/29/09 Stimulus means I-81 guardrails, paving
04/29/09 SCC plans September hearing on water territory
04/29/09 Motel says it wasn’t negligent in bedbug suit

+ 16 stories for special edition


  1. So much hard work! Wishing you the best!

  2. Some of these sound really interesting to me...sorry that I didn't get to read them.

  3. Wow, you sure can produce! I really like some of your titles--Septic issues getting

    Anyway, just like I told Hello Sweet World, hang in there Anita. The economy is getting better. Kurt says he's getting lots of traffic in Franklin County Flooring plus all the merchants he talks to are also reporting a pick up in business. And I'm sure you know, one of the plants around here just created over a hundred jobs. Everything will catch up. Just hang on. Plus, you are so talented, something will pop up for you and it might be better than ever. The Chinese character for crisis translates to opportunity in English. Perhaps you should write a book?

  4. Anita.. this is supposed to be a good website for making employment contacts if you should ever want to try it.

    Hubby keeps his resume' on all the time and hears from headhunters off and on throughout the year also.

    OR: You could just write a marvelous book!

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  5. Do you know if the paper is going under? That's an awful big void to fill...

  6. Blue Ridge Gal - thanks for that information. Working on a new resume is top priority this week.

    RNR - my editor will write the stories. He was in production also but they moved that to someone else to free him to write.

    Leslie - thanks for your kind words and for reading my blog!

    June - I thought they were interesting stories myself!

    Deb - I am sure there will be many opportunties arising from this - I must be patient! Thanks for your kind words.

  7. Good grief, that is a lot of writing! I have a hard time getting out one a month.

    You've got a great portfolio to shop around. You'll find your place. Enjoy the breather.

  8. Good gracious! You are one BUSY writer! That's the reason you haven't found time to write your novel!

  9. You should write for Blue Ridge Country.

  10. Wow, that is a lot. They won't let you just write a few stories a month instead of none all together?


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