Friday, May 08, 2009

The Bloggers Meet Up

And so it was that yesterday at 1 p.m., on a partly cloudy Thursday, that the first ever Bloggers Meet Up in Botetourt County took place.

First on the scene? Myself and Diane, The Blue Ridge Gal.

We waited but a moment and who did we spy? Ginger, from landuvmilknhoney. And her five kids who all ran from the camera and went inside to eat pizza.

We ordered - side salad for me - and waited to see who else would show up.

Cathy from The Botetourt View appeared. Unlike the rest of us, she's a paid blogger. She used to work for The Fincastle Herald, the same paper I wrote for up until last week. We have been friends a while.

Soon, Becky from Peevish Pen popped in. Becky came from Franklin County and won the award for furthest traveled. Except we didn't really have any awards. If we had she would have won that one, though.

She also handed out information about an upcoming talk called "The Pros and Cons of Self-Publishing, which will be on Monday, May 11 at 6:30 p.m. at the Roanoke City Main Library.

Becky and I are in the Roanoke Valley Pen Women together. So we've known one other for a while, too.

Soon Tanya from Around Roanoke came to visit. She didn't eat, though. I wonder if she just doesn't like pizza and grinders?

Here we all are (except me, of course, I'm taking the picture) after we've sat and talked and laughed. Our discussions ranged from why we blogged to who had the best ghost in their house. It was invigorating conversation, to say the least.

(From upper left clockwise: Becky, Cathy, Ginger, Diane and Tanya)

After more than an hour of delightful conversation, we ventured outside for a group picture.

(From left: Tanya, Diana, Ginger, Becky, Cathy and that's Rose, Ginger's girl, in the front! I'm behind the camera, of course.)

We stood outside and chatted for a while like long lost relatives at a family reunion. We knew we should go home but we weren't quite ready to let the good times go.

Apparently Diane and I were the shutterbugs of the group:

And here's the roving reporter writing it all down to make sure she got the scoop on the FIRST EVER Bloggers Meet Up in Botetourt County! (Click the link for her story at The Botetourt View!)

Stay tuned, we'll likely have another!


  1. Looks like it was a whopping success!

  2. Oh I'm so sorry! Ben had a mother's day play at 8:30 yesterday morning, and so I didn't get home until 10. Then I discovered two more pages of Spanish verbs that I needed to conjugate and memorize for last night's final exam, so I had to give up the meeting. I am so sorry! I had emailed Elena to let her know because I assumed she was going, but she said that she didn't know about it!
    It looks like ya'll had a sweet time together, and I sure hope you do it again. Now that I'm finished with school for a couple of months, I'm free! I'm just itching to meet every body!

  3. Oh I LOVE pizza but since I was late I didn't want to order and I had a salad earlier (I just wanted to clear that up,lol)
    I had so much fun and am so happy I made it! Let's do it again soon!

  4. Blogger meet-ups are such fun! We had a few here in nearby Floyd County, then I had to start working and couldn't go. Some amazing people!

  5. Looks like a good time was had by all! I felt a little jealous, though---kind of wishing I was a Viginia Blue Ridge blogger. :-) It's funny that I seem to have more Virginia readers than North Carolina ones.

  6. Ooops...make that VIRGINIA Blue Ridge blogger!

  7. How cool. I wish I could have attended. =)

  8. That was fun to read all the different takes on the day. We had a couple of good and well attended blogger meet-ups before it fizzled. We do understand each other.

    Not a man in your group?

  9. So you never said...Who has the best ghost?

  10. Aww....sound like so much fun! Wish i could've made it. I had a meeting in Christiansburg at the same time of the meet-up. Maybe next time....!


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