Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thursday Thirteen

On this day:

1. April 23, 1985. Coca-Cola released New Coke, a product that lasted only three months. At the time I was a big Coke drinker and I tried it only to reject it. New Coke was so much like a Pepsi that any true Coke lover could do nothing but reject it. I remember my relief when they brought back the old formula as Coke Classic. Is that the last time a corporation used common sense, I wonder?

2. According to Isaac Newton, April 23 is really the day Jesus died. I think it's kind of nice to have that pinned down, since Easter moves around so much.

3. This is also the day William Shakespeare died. I used to know most of Macbeth by heart but these days I do good to remember "toil and trouble" and "out out damned spot." I haven't read Shakespeare since high school and probably should rectify that at some point.

4. In 1983, I started my first day of work at a law firm in Fincastle. I had previously worked as the "parts manager" at a machinery and tools shop in Roanoke (since I had refused to go on to college, which was stupid on my part), but I lost the job because I developed mono and had to be off work for six weeks. The boss laid me off instead of firing me but also informed me that someone who was so sickly wasn't wanted back. I hated the job so it was no loss.

5. Lee Majors was born in 1939. I had no idea he was that old. He was the Six Million Dollar Man in the 1970s and I adored that show, though not as much as the spin-off, The Bionic Woman.

6. Michael Moore was also born on this day in 1954. Moore is not the person I would have chosen as spokesperson for the poor way America has been managed of late but I have to admit he's brought out some very interesting facts and pointed out problems more so than most of us.

7. In 1635 the first public school in the United States was founded, somewhere up north (Boston). So THAT's where it all started.

8. In 1988 Pink Floyd's album Dark Side of the Moon leaves the Billboard charts for the first time in more than 14 years. I don't own this album and have no idea what is on it.

9. This is the 113th day of the year. Got your Christmas shopping started yet?

10. This is Canada Book Day. I think every day should be a book day, myself. Go Books!

11. Oh wait, this is also World Book and Copyright Day according to the U.N. I can go for that.

12. On this day I will be working. How about you?

13. It's also the night Survivor comes on in the USA. This is the only reality show I watch. This season I seem to be rooting for an Alabama cattle farmer and a former pop music star.

Thursday Thirteen is played by lots of people; you can learn more about it here. My other Thursday Thirteens are here. This is my 94nd one.


  1. I'm going to have lunch with my friend Alwyn today. She has a commentary in the Roanoke Times (yesterday).

    Someone being born in 1940 sounds so much younger than 1939. Never realized Michael Moore was so near my age.

    April has been busy!

  2. And on Thursday I took a two hour long nap! Am dealing with allergies or a cold. Not really sick enough to take a nap, but used it as an excuse. Mostly over-socialized and needed to be still and quiet. Are we actually 1/3 of the way thru the year already?!?

  3. Cool list - I learned a few things. ;)

    Canada has a "Book Day"? I agree with you that every day should be a book day.

    Every day should also be Earth Day & a reason to eat candy day.

    Have a good Thursday!

  4. I don't have Dark Side of the Moon either, but just the name Pink Floyd makes me start singing. All that air time, maybe.

  5. Geesh! I'm a Canadian AND an author and I didn't know today is Book Day! Thanks for the heads up. Interesting list. Happy T13!

  6. I find the moving Easter disturbing as well. It's nice to have it pinned down - I think he was supposedly born in February/March as well. (shrugging) Thanks for the interesting TT!

  7. Remember that New Coke mess?

    Yep- Majors got old....

  8. A very good Thursday Thirteen, Anita. I'd say "good riddance" to the boss who laid you off because you were sick!

    Every day IS Book Day for me---I always have at least one book going and never let a day pass without reading. I even read while I'm waiting for websites and blogs to load! (I have dial-up and it's very, very sloooowww.)

  9. I remember the New Coke debacle, my mother was a big Coke drinker back then (I was already on to the very new Diet Coke at that point) She swore off the stuff & has never gone back. She drank every obscure soda out there, drinking Jolt cola for about 15 years, oddly enough, when it got too hard to procure Jolt any longer she went to Pepsi!
    Seems like selling out to me.
    Thank you for stopping by my blog earlier today!

  10. It will be interesting to see who they vote off tonite!

  11. Nothing taste as good as an icy cold crisp slap in the mouth Classic Coke.... Boo hiss to that New Coke they attempted.

    Only song I remember and can hum to from Dark Side Of the Moon is 'Money'. It's a good one!

    Great list today!

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  12. Survivor! Woo! I have my DVR set to record it. I second you on the Books! Every day is book day, as far as I'm concerned!

    Happy TT!

  13. You're right -- every day SHOULD be book day! I celebrated by going to a book sale, in fact.

    Cool facts about today. I'm glad you shared -- well, except for New Cake. My mouth still rebels at the mere thought of that!

  14. great list! Being from alabama- I'm cheering for JT too! He's awesome! But if you know southern boys, 80% are brought up with the same attitude he has.
    Cowboys *sigh*


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