Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Surprise

When I went into the Herald office last week, a basket sat on my editor's desk.

He nodded at it. "That's for you," he said.

It was not from him.

The Friends of the Park, which would be a civic group that works at the Troutville Town Park, offered up this basket of goodies as a thanks for the publicity and good press I have given the group in the past.

I was pleased and grateful because truly writing for a newspaper is generally a thankless job.

I am overcome when someone notices and appreciates the hard work that what I do often entails.

Many thanks.

*I generally don't accept gifts from people I write about as I don't think it's ethical (though verbal or written thanks and praise is always welcome). But since my editor accepted this first and passed it on, I figured it must be okay.*

*Added a little later.


  1. What a sweet basket! It looks like special thought went into putting this together.

  2. what a nice surprise and so thoughtful of the group to think of you :)
    have a good day.

  3. Very nice...always sweet to know you're appreciated...

  4. Sweet! Gotta love suprises!

  5. Nice to see a good person get recognition! And the sunrise photo is lovely!

  6. Such a pretty basket---how nice that they recognized your hard work!

    I really loved your sunrise shot.

  7. I love the unexpected surprises and especially those that involve pink and bunnies.


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