Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Water Tower

This is the Town of Troutville's water tower.

These things always fascinate me because they should be obtrusive but half the time I simply don't see them.

They also always make me think of War of the Worlds.


  1. I actually like the look of water towers :)

  2. And I always wonder if they're actually used...

  3. I travel a lot, and am amazed at how some other towns decorate their water towers. I often look at ours in Troutville and wonder what it could be made to be that would be more noticeable and enhancing both.

  4. Oh my goodness - I just love the way you think! The last time I thought about water towers was when Ben was two years old. We took a trip to Colorado with my in-loves to visit some relatives, and Ben talked about every water tower from here to there. They are intrusive!


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