Tuesday, February 03, 2009

A little snow

Monday night we had a little snow.

The first thing I noticed when I looked outside at 6 a.m. this morning was footy prints. I'd had a visitor on my front porch.

I think those paw prints belong to a rabbit.

Most of the snow vanished today; however, there is a chance of a little more tonight. I am not expecting much.

We have been in a drought here for quite a while, and the moisture was welcome. Snow also adds nitrogen to the soil. We were glad to see it.

Sunday it was almost 65 degrees here. Yesterday it was warm too.

And the temperature dropped. And the snow fell.

Weird weather!


  1. I love hat first shot. So peaceful and calm.

  2. Very nice pictures! I do wish it would snow. A good snow. One that would add much needed water to the creeks, streams and resevoir! We'll pay for yet another mild winter. While I really don't mind the mild temperatures, I wish it would be winter now and spring in March.

  3. Finally, my daughter was able to use the sled!


  4. A friend in Riner wrote me tonight to say that she expected 2"-4" of snow. I read that the wind chill in Floyd County is supposed to get down to -5 to -10. Brrrrrrr!!!

  5. Temps dropping down here too. Glad to hear of snows...all help with the water tables!

  6. We've not gotten even an inch of snow this year. The kids have been praying for some but it's just been cold, cold, cold. I'm praying for spring...

  7. All lovely pictures, but the one at the top is especially beautiful.

  8. So pretty! It's fun finding out who visited overnight too.

  9. Weird weather indeed. Will be in the 60's this week-end again according to the forecast.


  10. WOW! We didn't get near that much, - maybe just a dusting.


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