Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Little Christmas Eve*

Dear Santa:

I know it's a little late for a letter, particularly one from an adult. But I thought I would just say "howdy" and see what you were up to.

As far as I know your reindeer have escaped unharmed during hunting season. If anyone shot a reindeer with a harness or a red nose I didn't hear about it, and I keep up with those things. So I expect your flight to be unhindered. I'll be watching on Norad.

I have noticed that a lot of people are having a hard time paying their heating bills this winter. I am hoping you can do something about that. This may actually be a good year for lumps of coal, so you might want to check the list several times and see if folks qualify for that particular heating fuel. Coal doesn't have the best reputation, though, so you might want to find another heat source. Maybe something new that burns clean? I know you can come up with something. It might be a good revenue source for you.

I would ask that anything you are thinking of for me be given to someone at an old folk's home, if they can use it. Those poor people need some attention. I fear for a society that can't take better care of its elderly.

Please leave heapfuls of commonsense for the folks who are in charge. That goes for government leaders as well as media people. The media isn't in charge but it is influential. I have noticed lately that many media stories are now noticing that "this CEO is making so much money." Why weren't they saying that 10 years ago? Please help us writers, reporters and journalists to find our courage and our inquisitiveness again. There is so much that needs investigating that there should be lots of work.

I ask for world peace and no world hunger and all of that every year, Dear Santa, but I suspect that is beyond you. So I am hoping that by narrowing my focus a little bit (see above), you'll be able to work it out easier. I am stopping at three things because it could be a really long list otherwise.

Anyway, Santa, I hope your flight goes swiftly and that your 24 hours of delivering presents is loads of fun. I'll leave the light on for you!



*A friend tells me that Norwegians call the day before Christmas Eve "Little Christmas Eve." I love it!


  1. Merry Little Christmas Eve...I love that too. A little something else to celebrate!

  2. What a lovely post...wishing you good tidings!

  3. About the reindeer and hunting season: There's a YouTube animated video, "Sarah Palin Shoots Rudolph."
    Probably not a video you'd want the kids to watch.

  4. There was also a video with Palin and sacrificing a turkey around Thanksgiving. I think PETA needs to have a talk with her. So disturbing.....

  5. What's disturbing is the sadistic fantasising about Sarah Palin> Who ate turkey at Thanksgiving?

  6. What a wonderful post!! I went to a Christmas brunch yesterday hosted by a dear friend - a wonderfully adventurous 94 year old woman who asked that we each bring a toy for a homeless child. Wasn't that a terrific idea? On her 90th birthday, she went for a ride in a motorcycle sidecar! I hope I'm that adventurous in my old age.


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