Saturday, December 13, 2008

I'm Just Sayin'

On Wednesday, I paid $1.25 per gallon for gas at the Citgo at Exit 150.

If you think I did a little dance when I inserted the credit card, you would be right.

Last night when I passed the station, it was $1.39. Climbing before the holidays because people will be traveling, right?

I bet it hits $2.50 by Christmas.

I can't do this with my work. I can't say, oh, today I am going to charge you $X.XX for an article. Two days later it will be $Y.YY. And in three weeks it will cost twice as much.

I haven't noticed the food prices falling as gasoline dropped. If that was the real reason the prices were climbing, then shouldn't a loaf of bread cost less?

I'm no economics major but the economic situation has smelled bad to me for months (if not several years). It seems to me like this is a lot of price manipulation that has absolutely nothing to do with truly being what a product is worth and more about how much somebody can get out of you.

And in some cases we're not being charged enough for things that really are worth more than we're paying, although I am hard pressed to come up with what that might be since I like to hold on to my money as much as anyone else. Art work comes to mind. Painters and writers and creative types who tend to eek out a living. Farmers, too, maybe. I'm sure there are others.

It's messed up, is all I'm saying. It's kind of discouraging.


  1. Oh, it's good ole greed, IMHO. Gas here dropped from $1.85 to $1.79 this past week and I was celebrating. Why so much more here? People are willing to pay it. Sky high taxes, expensive transportation, food, etc. They say it's because Pittsburgh is hard to deliver gas to because of distance. Then why are the more northern states cheaper than us? I don't get it.

  2. I was just saying to my husband last night that I was suprised they hadn't jacked up the gas prices yet in time for holiday traveling. I paid $1.29 this morning on 419.

  3. I paid $1.18 at the Crossroads Kroger's this morning. of course that was with my card and a 10¢ discount. Cheapest gas I've bought in years!

  4. I hope people won't be further lulled by the lowering prices to buy Humvees and other gas guzzlers.

  5. I paid $1.25 at a BP on Friday, and at a nearby Shell it was $1.49 on the same day... go figure. Shell is alway high though, greeday *astards

  6. I'm glad gas prices have come down but i'm sure, too, that they will go up a little for the holidays. And food prices aren't coming down either. I think it's all a monopoly.

  7. Yeah, what you said. And here is the thing, if one was to calculate the increase in bread times every loaf sold it would equal more than the increase in gas taking in consideration that one truck carries so many loaves. Yet, for some reason the increase for one loaf is expected to cover the increase for gas for the entire truck.

    Oh look there is a squirrel! Maybe they will not notice the price of the bread.

  8. The lowest I've seen in Rocky Mount was $1.45. But I haven't been watching too closely. It's discouraging, isn't it?

  9. I think it has something to do with the OPEC meeting. They're complaining because they're losing profits on the oil. They've cut production back.


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