Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Christmas Promise

The Christmas Promise
By Donna VanLiere
Read by the author
Copyright 2007

This is a sentimental and sweet story about Gloria. She is a widow with four children, one of whom has been missing for the last seven years.

She has created a new life for herself based on service. She makes sure the homeless and other folks in need are helped as best as she can help them. She delivers food, takes in children, and offers counsel. She makes money by teaching basic life skills courses.

Miriam is her next door neighbor. She is not a kind person and she looks down on Gloria. After her house floods, though, she finds herself living with Gloria. And then with a pregnant lady who moves in with Gloria. And then with a five year old child who also moves in.

Chaz takes a new job at Wilson's Department Store. He is a very unhappy fellow.

The lives of the characters all collide with little surprise to the reader. Still, it might bring a tear to the eye.

The book offers Christmas hope and a few miracles. Not what I normally read or listen to, but I liked it well enough.

3 stars

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  1. Well maybe I should reserve this from the library. I really loved Redbird Christmas! Thanks!


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