Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Books: Blue Christmas

Blue Christmas
By Mary Kay Andrews
Read by Isabel Keating
Copyright ???
5 hours unabridged

Weezie owns an antique store in Savanah. She wants to win the historical district decorating contest and she especially wants to outdo the owners of the boutique across the way that keeps trying to put her out of business.

She comes up with a Blue Christmas theme for her window and takes first prize. Her boyfriend Daniel gave her the idea because he doesn't like the holiday. He owns a restaurant and must work all the time. Plus his mother left him at Christmas when he was young.

Weezie starts worrying about what is going on in her life when a stranger breaks into her apartment and eats all her food. Then little items start to go missing. She believes it a bag lady is helping herself, so Weezie leaves her little presents. The woman leaves Weezie presents in return.

It looks like it might not be a good holiday but all ends well.

This book was a little on the cute side but it wasn't bad. It kind of fits the season. I enjoyed the characters and the writing wasn't bad.

2.75 stars


  1. Sounds totally cute! Wish I were a reader, but alas.....

  2. I normally like Mary Kay Andrews but I had rented this audio book about a month ago and listened for about a half hour and couldn't get into it. I don't know if it was the narrator's voice, accent or a combination of the two, but I didn't care for it. Maybe I should try the book version!
    I did pick up the Fannie Flagg audio book you recommended which I am loving! I always enjoy all the character's that come to life from Fannie Flaggs imagination! Plus I love the audio version being read by her. She's got a very pleasant tone to listen to.


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