Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Books: A Redbird Christmas

A RedBird Christmas
By Fannie Flagg
Copyright 2004
Read by Fannie Flagg

I really like Fannie Flagg's work, and this was no exception. Oswald Campbell lives in Chicago and his doctor tells him to go live somewhere else or the air will kill him.

He moves to Lost River, Alabama, where he meets Roy, Frances, Patsy, and Jack the redbird who lives in the grocery store.

The characters are great and the book is very well written.

This is a sweet and warm book, very heartwarming for Christmas time. If you're looking for something that says the world will be okay, this book will do it.

Highly recommended if you like books about small town folks.

4 stars


  1. Me too...ever since Whistle Stop Cafe!

  2. Thank you! This sounds great...I love small town books. You should see my bedside table. It looks like the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

  3. I love Fannie Flagg, thanks for the recommendation! I'm going to order this on tape from the library. I love to have a book to listen to while I clean :)
    Have you read Standing In The Rainbow, or is it Under the Rainbow? I loved that one as well!


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