Friday, October 03, 2008

Ghost Moon & Kiss Me While I Sleep

Ghost Moon
by Karen Robards
Read by Dean Robertson

This was a long book abridged so I can only imagine how long it was without that.

Olivia and her daughter return to Louisiana for a visit, the first in 11 years after the prodigal daughter left in a huff to hurry into a failed marriage.

Her arrival sets off a tizzy as her grandfather sees her, calls her by her dead mother's name, and collapses. Things go downhill from there.

Olivia tries to remember important details about her mother's death but fails. She also finds herself attracted to Seth, her step-cousin, who is engaged to be married.

Meanwhile, the author takes us into the past as a psycho kills little girls. Turns out he's still around and eventually he will come after Olivia's daughter.

This is a very moody romance mystery book. I had long figured out who the psycho was but even so it was good to have it verified at the end.

Kiss Me While I Sleep
Linda Howard
Read by Joyce Bean & Dick Hill

Dick Hill is one of my favorite audiobook readers and I picked this one up simply because he was reading on it.

Lily is a rogue CIA contract agent who is killing for vengeance after the death of two of her friends and their adopted daughter. The daughter was a young girl she rescued and loved until she realized the child needed two parents.

Lily's vengeance extends to killing a mafia-type fellow, and then his family comes after her. She decides she still has complete the job by finding out what caused her friends to be killed in the first place.

The CIA, meanwhile, sends out Swain to take care of Lily. He rescues her during a shoot-out but never reveals that he is CIA. As things turn deadly, he decides to help her and worry about fixing the problem she created later.

They also fall in love with one another.

This is an interesting story of double-crosses and intrigue, some of which is probably very far-fetched. The readers made this a great and enjoyable experience and I applaud Hill and Bean for their efforts on this.

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