Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Big Game Show

Saturday we woke in Harrisonburg to rain. Many of our plans or potential plans had involved outdoor things, such as perhaps going to Natural Chimneys.

We ditched those plans since the weather was not cooperating. Instead we took a long drive around the countryside.

The Shenandoah Valley has large farms on it. Some of the fields were black with cattle. Other farms specialize in poultry, especially chickens and turkey. Others are dairies.

We were actually looking for a specific event, a Harvest Festival that was supposed to be at a Mennonite and Brethren Heritage facility. However we never found it.

Later we went shopping to see what Harrisonburg had to offer, and then we went back to the motel room.

I watched The Bee Movie, which I found to my consternation had quite a message to share, i.e., the rich need to stay rich and the poor need to stay poor because its better to leave things alone.

Nothing like being beaten over the head with capitalistic ideals in a cartoon movie. Whatever happened to a story for the story's sake?

The next day we rose early and then headed for what was truly the entire reason for this weekend:

The Virginia Big Game Show, Western Region. This is a collection of deer heads, a competition for the hunters.

My husband had no entry this year but he likes to see the racks. I think this puts him in the mood for the upcoming hunting season or something.

I don't really see the point in it but I suppose I do many things that he doesn't understand, either.

We spent time wandering around there and then went to a gun show in Fishersville. It was not the best gun show we've ever been to so we soon headed home.

And boy was I glad to get back in my own little bed in my own little house on my own little hill! Going away is always fun and interesting, but truly there is No Place Like Home.


  1. Too bad you couldn't find the Mennonite festival, I bet it would have been intersting!
    My boys are always talking about the day they'll get a deer head to hang on the wall in their bedrooms,lol
    Sounds like a fun trip even if the weather didn't cooperate.
    By the way, I took my weatherbugs off and changed for a different weather widget. Hopefully it won't stick anymore. Let me know if you still have trouble visiting :)

  2. Oh Deer! I always see Bambi when I look at them on the wall. Poor things!

  3. I agree with Amy. I just can't understand why we have to kill what we see as beautiful so as to display it as a trophy when it is dead. Life is beautiful, not death.


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