Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

In case you've wondered why my posting suddenly declined...

1. When you start shivering in the middle of the day and its 85 degrees outside and 72 inside, you start thinking something isn't right.

2. When the shivers get so bad you can't do anything but go to bed, you KNOW something isn't right.

3. When you spend the rest of thee day bowing to the porcelain throne, something definitely isn't right.

4. An inordinate amount of time sitting on the porcelain throne also indicates something isn't right.

5. When the cool tile in the bathroom floor feels so good you don't want to get up, but instead you just lay there, you know something isn't right.

6. Know that we know something wasn't right, what else did I learn?

7. Dreams made by fevered minds seem wildly colorful and profound. Unfortunately you can't remember them when coherence finally returns.

8. There is absolutely nothing better than the first gulp of ginger ale when you've been sick for hours.

9. The attention of a worried and fearful husband can make you rally if only because you don't want him to feel so bad that he can't make you better.

10. A shower can make you feel a whole lot better but a hot shower can zap your energy pretty quickly.

11. Trying to get back to work immediately after a day of sickness pretty much guarantees a second day of sickness.

12. A fever of 103 is nothing to laugh at.

13. My Chinese medicine doctor called every day to see how I was. We're still waiting on a return call from our clinic (which pays its CEO $2.7 million). Fortunately I don't need to talk to them anymore.

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  1. That was quite a 13! Sorry to hear you were sick, but sounds like you've recovered, so that's good...

  2. Oh you poor soul. I've been there many times before, so you have my sympathy. Doesn't returning to health feel so good, especially when you're not thinking about your stomach constantly?

  3. At our age a 103 fever feels like 108. Diagnosis? Feeling better?

  4. Sometimes being sick can be like an acid trip complete with delusions. Be well soon!

  5. Sheesh...glad you're feeling better. Gotta love the Chinese medicine doctors though. They're the best ever! I need to talk to mine actually......

  6. Hope you're feeling better. I'm sorry that the CEO's clinic didn't return your call. I can't complain about said clinic since it pays my bills and it's better than the place I worked before.

  7. Oh goodness, that sounds awful...I do hope you are now on the mend. When my children were small, I was always picking up bugs like that. Of course, on the bright side, I always lost a few pounds (but it's not the greatest weight-loss plan, for sure!) :-) Sending healing thoughts your way....

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