Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

1. Why does a 55 degree morning in August require a sweater, but a 55 degree morning in March means short sleeves and shorts?

2. The best sound of summer is the swish of the tree leaves as the oaks and maples talk quietly to one another.

3. Tomatoes, whether fruit or vegetable I do not know or care, is among the finer things to eat in summer. How can you beat a tomato and mayonnaise sandwich?

4. Peaches make for a fine dessert. Or main meal, if you like. And they're best this time of year!

5. Apples are a mainstay in a healthy diet (that doctor saying, you know). In the next several weeks fresh apples will be inundating the local markets. Yum.

6. The number of fogs in August supposedly means you will have that many snows. (Or so my mother always said.) We have fog this morning...

7. The dog days of summer should be behind us. During that time cuts don't heal and animals are overheated. (Or so my mother always said.)

8. The mountains are generally cooler than the lowlands but often its just a matter of degree and imagination.

9. In August the sky seems to move in closer and the blues are more intense.

10. After a rain, everything seems so much cleaner in the summer. Sometimes the green glistens and the raindrops are like diamonds when the sunshine hits them.

11. The days have grown a little shorter and that means less time to harvest, garden, mow and gather stores for the winter.

12. When I was a child we spent our summers with my grandmother in Salem. She lived along the Roanoke River and up the block there was an abandoned house. Can you guess where we weren't supposed to be and usually were?

13. I love to watch the sky in summer. The other day I saw a dinosaur and then a castle... and the other night I saw a glowing Jupiter as it squatted near the moon.

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  1. Wow, a lot to think about and enjoy in this 13...
    1. I feel the same confusion in FL - temps can be in the 60s there and I'm freezing.
    2. Yup, good tomatoes are great! One of my favorite meals is simply some Hanover tomatoes with silver queen corn. Of course, fried green tomatoes are good too :-)
    3. Interesting about the fog/snow correlation. Never heard it before but will now...
    4. Summers are indeed short here. In FL we have so much of it...

  2. I'm starving! That tomato sandwich sounds so good! Oh, the blue skies, I miss them so....
    Great Thursday Thirteen!

  3. Oh! I've always wanted to go into an abandoned house! That must have been too much fun. Did you and your girlfriends meet there or was it a secret?

  4. I just went the bathroom at a gas station and saw a woman's face in the floor design!

    I love your first question. It's all relative. And summer is such a fling...or one night stand?

  5. Our Thursday Thirteen was the thirteen riders we started off with tonight on our bike ride. Then there were fifteen and my flat tire splintered the group as several insisted on waiting on me. It's great to have such good friends. If you are out that way, drive towards the end of Bennett Springs Rd one evening and check out all of the deer. There were dozens out in the fields tonight. The babies are so cute!!! We also saw a black bear cub at the Cove tonight. We weren't pleased with that so much because Momma was probably nearby. They are so cute though!!! Have a great weekend blog friend!

  6. Amy - I didn't have many girlfriends near my grandmother; instead I had two young uncles and my brother. Of course being boys they were always trying to terrify me.


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