Saturday, August 09, 2008

This is not a giraffe

I do not often see a doe on her hind legs, but the other morning as I sipped my tea and peered out the back door ...

she jumped up, apparently hungry for the leaves of a paradise. Or maybe she was after a switch for her young one:

The tree branches are about six feet from the ground. I can barely touch them with my arms outstretched and I am 5'2".

She hopped up on her hind legs several times, tugging at the branch each time she did so. She finally gave up and moseyed on after Junior there, who had long since headed for something less difficult to obtain - my rose bushes!


  1. I've seen one do that once to get at some apples, but I like your take: getting a switch :-)

  2. WOW! They are amazing pictures. You're lucky to see sights like this from your house. We get foxes. Lots of foxes. I hate foxes in the city.

  3. There she is! A very nice doe and a nice shot too!

    ahh to live in the country again *sigh*


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