Friday, August 22, 2008

Study: Geese

Canadian geese have been landing in the alfalfa field in recent weeks.

Geese can do a number on a field of grass. The birds are worse than deer. Deer just eat it; geese pull it up by the roots and destroy it.

The first of the following three pictures is the original; the other two have been enhanced with Microsoft Picture It! software.

This picture also has been enhanced with the same software. The remainders are original photos, though cropped.


  1. Well, given the state of our grass I'm thankful we're not on their itinerary!

  2. A couple of years ago I visited the islands off the coast of Hull and Boston and saw for the first time the mess Canadian Geese make with droppings all over the place. Now they are in Hull. This is new.

  3. That's the third time I've seen them in an odd place this summer. When Becky and I went to the SCBWI meeting in Richmond back in April, there was a dead goose in the middle of the highway! Becky immediately started making up a story about it.

  4. Interesting!

    Fortunately we have the 'Ankeny National Wildlife Refuge' close by so I never considered this problem before.

    The geese winter here. I get to see them but mostly hear them fly by.

  5. Um, welcome to my back yard. I wind up with goose poop everywhere. The pond in the back yard is evidently on their flight path.

    They also seem to be migrating early this year. Shan


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