Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Say What?!?

There is a reason why driving around Valley View Mall in Roanoke can be treacherous!

This sign is at the intersection of the off-ramp from Hershberger Road onto Valley View Blvd. I am directionally challenged so I don't know if it's east or west or north or south but it's the ramp one would take after passing Crossroads Mall going toward toward Interstate 581. Take the ramp and go to make a left turn toward Valley View.

I do know, however, that a STOP sign with a sign beneath that says "No Stopping" makes absolutely no sense.


  1. I've not noticed this sign, but am sure I will now that you've pointed it out. I agree...driving around the mall is confusing and therefore, treacherous.

  2. I agree too. Driving around the mall is crazy. We did it for the first time last year when we visited. Some of these signs really make you wonder about who is in charge of quality control!

  3. Oh, that sign is hilarious! I sure am glad you disobeyed that lower sign and stopped to take a shot to share with us!

  4. Same reason the sign coming from the "fly over" onto Valley View Blvd from Hershberger changed from a Yield to a Stop back to a Yield. And..what the light at the end of Colonial at Brandon (at CVS) had a No Turn on Red for a week or so. That reason: ROANOKE CITY.

  5. "Stop No Stopping" must mean it's OK to keep going?

    this is one of many reasons why I usually avoid shopping at Valley View.


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