Wednesday, July 16, 2008

When a Tree Falls...

I last wrote in late June about the logging efforts on the property next to ours.

I could have written about it nearly every day but it was my own personal angst, mine and my husband's. We have watched the forest dwindle as the logger, who initially was only going to cut out trees for lumber, moved to clear cutting.

Despite the fact that this is family land, it's not in our control and we could not stop this.

Below was the view out of my office window. I saw this every morning for the last 21 years.

This morning about 7:10 a.m. as I finished up an email, I glanced up and saw this:

At the very base of one of the trees stands the a*sholes, er, loggers. I immediately began to cry when I saw them. We had been told these trees likely wouldn't be taken away for $50 a tree pulp wood but...

I cried the whole time I shot these pictures, and felt the thump as the tree landed. It felt like my soul had been wrenched from me and I could feel the earth weeping.

This is what it looks like as I write this (with tears in my eyes and my heart just falling from my chest). I guess tomorrow the view will be completely different.

Damn, I loved those trees.


  1. What a shame!

    I hate that so many trees are being cut around me, too. From my back window, I'm watching part of Turkeycock Mountain being clear-cut—a part right beside land we own.

    Soon, AEP will start cutting their 500-ft wide swath just down my road for the big powerline. They marked the route again the other day.

    It sucks.

  2. Such a shame! Do you know why they're cutting now after all these years? Just got around to this wood or is something new planned? I wonder. I would be reacting just like you...

  3. Oh, you have ME crying. Since I was a little girl living in Jersey City, N.J., I hated to see trees cut down. That's one of the reasons I fell in love with "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn"--because Francie Nolan was trying to save a tree. Like they have a lot up there. Here's the thing. We keep clear-cutting everything down here, it'll be just like up north. It happens faster than you know.

    Well, to end on a postive note, it looks like you're going to have a pretty view.

  4. How awful. And what purpose could be so important? They are cutting so many trees down around here too. All for those stupid housing plans. I have taught my kids how wrong that is. Now they are pointing it out when they see it, too.

    I'm sorry about your trees. :(

  5. You know that's a real shame. There's plenty of fallen trees, timber etc out at the Cove that is serving no useful purpose. It's just going to lay there and rot. You'd think they could go get trees like that rather than cut down perfectly good, healthy trees. It's BS, pardon me, but after losing my two trees last week, that just ticks me off.

  6. I feel your pain. What we do is everytime a neighbor chops one of theirs down we plant one right up to our boundary line...


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