Thursday, July 17, 2008

Three Bucks

On Tuesday morning I looked out the front door to see:

Thankfully we own this and there will be no logging there. Of course deer need a large habitat and without the oak trees and their acorns they probably will have no reason to frequent my field.

They stood up as my husband left for work on his motorcycle. As he ventured down the driveway, they were joined by a buddy:

Four bucks. The last one was the nicest; I think he was an eight-pointer.


  1. How unusual (for me anyway) to see four bucks together. Our deer are coming out more now and it's fun to see the fawns frolicking.

  2. I saw four fawns in the last few days, so cute and speckled like Bambi.

  3. They're beautiful. I held a baby fawn the other day. I will write a story about it soon and post it on my blog. My daughter's riding instructor rescued it, injured on the side of the road. It is as gentle as a lamb now. Eventually they will help it go back into the wild.


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