Monday, June 09, 2008

A Wild Night

Yesterday to celebrate my birthday, we went to the Big City.

James needed chewing tobacco and we had to return the shirts he bought me as a present to exchange them for the right size. Then he took me to dinner at O'Charlie's.

I normally eat only a salad, but James insisted on an onion ring appetizer and a meal. I ordered the Caribbean shrimp, which came with a salad and a side order of veggies.

By the time I had eaten a few of the onion rings and the salad, I was about done. The main meal hadn't even arrived yet.

During a lull the waiter came over and was very chatty. I told him we were there to celebrate my husband's birthday, which was last Monday.

James told him no, we were celebrating my birthday. When we finished our meal, the waiter brought us each enormous slices of some kind of caramel pie, on the house.

I could not eat all of mine.

We went to bed at our usual 10 p.m. Not long after, I woke with my ear bothering me. My ear is weird in that it is super-sensitive to low frequencies, like when a truck growls. It vibrates deep in my ear and makes it itch and hurt. It was something like this. I finally decided it was a helicopter flying over.

I guess I went back to sleep. Suddenly I sat up and called out James' name. He woke immediately. He usually does not wake up if I'm just asking him to roll over to stop his snoring. I must have startled him with the urgency in my voice.

I was half asleep myself, but I told him to go get a Benedryl because my tongue was swelling. I felt like I was choking on something.

He looked at my tongue. "It isn't swelling," he said. "It looks normal to me." But he gave me a Benedryl anyway. He probably figured it would put me to sleep, which it did. They make me drowsy.

This has never happened before, by the way. I don't make a habit of waking him in the night asking for Benedryl.

The Dream

Then I dreamed my mother and I were on some kind of holiday at the beach. It was flooding and we couldn't find a hotel. Finally we wound up at this dumpy place and we settled into a room. My mother was on the phone with ... somebody, not sure who, and I realized I hadn't brought any clothes with me. My mother said she did not have her clothes, either.

I wanted to go to Walmart to buy clothes, but I ended up wandering around the streets. I saw that just down the road there was a motel called the Priscilla Grande and it looked a lot nicer than were we were staying. I went back to the room to find that my mother had had her clothes shipped to her overnight; there was about 100 bags.

I told her we should check out of the dumpy hotel and go to the really nice one. So we did, but when we got to the Priscilla Grande, we discovered it cost $46,000 a night for a room!

I think I must've had too much caramel pie even though I didn't eat but half of it.


  1. What a night you had! Very strange about the sensation of your tongue swelling...perhaps a low grade allergic reaction? The weird dream...definitely the caramel pie!

  2. I hate nights like that! Mine is usually weird dreams and stomach aches. I agree with June...that is an odd reaction you had. I'd get something different on the menu next time :)

  3. I think your mom was wishing you a happy birthday.

  4. 3R - I think you might have been right, as I don't usually dream about my mother.

  5. One of my favorite Peanuts comics was one where Charlie Brown hooked Snoopy up as a kite, Snoopy fell and shattered, and then woke up saying that he shouldn't eat 18 inch pepperoni pizzas before dinner.

    Happy Birthday.


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