Friday, June 06, 2008

Seeing Spots

Wednesday late as we returned home from a visit with the in-laws, we saw a little fawn.

From my position in the driver's seat, I watched the little one creep under the fence. Her mother was quite a distance aways (or so it seemed to me) but she was watching.

The baby crept along on the opposite side of Mama, and then attempted to worm through the wire. The first legs went over the bottom strand okay, but her last two legs didn't want to follow.

She stopped to rest, half on one side, half on the other.

For a moment I thought my husband would have to help the little thing over the fence. By this time I had stopped the car and we were watching. I was trying not to wreck havoc by driving the car by the baby.

I was also really fretting because I did not have my camera.

Finally the little one slipped through the fence and into the weeds. I drove home and grabbed the camera and hoofed it down the hill a ways to where the baby last was.

These are the best shots I could get in the dying light.

I have named her Winkin' (as in Winkin', Blinkin' and Nod) and I hope to see her again soon.


  1. What a sweet little creature! Glad it finally made it through without further mishap.

  2. How cute! That is not something you get to see everyday.

  3. how lovely Fare well Winkin..

  4. I just HELD a baby fawn the other day! My daughter's riding instructor saved it. It was injured in a ditch, the mother nowhere to be found. They nursed her back to health and now she scampers around their yard. They tell me they've saved them before and when the fawn grows up, she will have no trouble going out into the wild. Anyway, it was amazing to hold that little thing. Her legs were like long pencils.



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