Friday, June 27, 2008

Books: Atonement

By Ian McEwan
351 pages
Copyright 2001

My book club read this book for May; I am just now getting around to writing about it.

In 1935, Briony Tallis is growing up. She wants to be a writer. She sees a flirtation between her older sister and Robbie, a neighbor boy, and imagines all sorts of things.

Her cousin Lola is visiting along with her two brothers. The brothers run away. Lola, during the night search, is raped.

Briony blames Robbie.

The war comes. Robbie goes to war. Cecilia, the sister, becomes nurse. Robbie makes it home, Briony tries to make amends.

Only... not. It turns out this story is the story Briony has written, and it is to be published after every one dies.

I hate an unreliable narrator. I liked the story up until I realized it was all a lie.

2 stars


  1. I seem to recall seeing this as a movie...but can't remember who was in it.

  2. I hate an unreliable narrator.

    Count me in that club as well.

    June Perhaps this is the Keira Knightley movie?

  3. i watched this movie and found it very moving for some reason. i ended up ordering the authors books from the library.

    i did not mind the unreliable narrator part but the effect was weak and not well-presented. imo.


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