Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

1. The fourth Tuesday of every month is usually spent in an all-day meeting.

2. This most recent Tuesday, the meeting only lasted 45 minutes!

3. I had a free day!

4. I spent it cleaning up the storage room, where I have files, suitcases, Christmas tree decorations and other items that I don't want to stick in the attic.

5. It's a catch-all room that sometimes overflows with items we no longer use that we want to take to Goodwill.

6. So that same day I made a trip to Goodwill to hand off items I hoped might be useful to someone else.

7. Wednesday I had a session with my acupuncturist.

8. She stuck needles EVERYWHERE. Or so it seemed. In my head, in my neck, in my stomach, in my knees, in my ankles and feet and in my hands and elbows.

9. After a while, she set the needles on fire by holding a moxibustion stick to them. The one in the top of my head was particularly hot!

10. She also placed heat directly on the bottom of my foot for my plantar fasciitis. When she does that it feels like my toes are curling all the way down to my heel even though in reality they aren't moving at all.

11. Acupuncture makes me feel much better all over. I highly recommend it.

12. This is a weird Thursday Thirteen, even for me.

13. Go see Colleen; she probably has something great up for Thursday Thirteen even though I haven't yet looked!

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  1. Hey, Dew, we have ailments in common. Plantar fasciitis is a particularly rotten one. Do you know that people who have low thyroid function or autoimmune thyroid disease often suffer from this?

    I saw a neat gadget in the Hammacher Schlemmer catalog to put on your leg and foot which is supposed to help.

    Me, I'm keeping my replacement levels up in hopes of never having this again.

  2. This makes me want to get some acupuncture and moxa.

    I don't LOVE my Ipod YET. I'm slow to acclimate to new technology.

  3. My hubby has plantar fasciitis too. Do those treatments really work? I would like to learn more about that.

  4. Redhen - I didn't know about the thyroid/feet connection. Thanks for that. I must look into it. Also, RH, I tried that thing in the catalog and it didn't help much, I fear. It's not much better than a wrap bandage.

    Colleen - you will eventually love your ipod!

    Amy - the acupuncture does help and I recommend it. However, it is not a total cure (at least for me). Other things that help include using a Step Stretcher (see, a splint, a cortisone shot, and staying off your feet. The latter helps the most but unfortunately is the most difficult to do. Also, good insoles in shoes are a must. I buy mine at Healthy Feet in Salem or at my podiatrist's office. Expensive but worth it.

  5. The acupuncture sounds painful - is it? I am glad you had a free day, but would have spent it reading a book. This is why my storage room is full AND a mess.

    As always, beautiful picture!


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