Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day 2008

This is a day to honor the war dead in the United States.

My paternal grandfather, who died in 1989, served in World War II. In November I shared a war story he wrote.

Today, in his memory and to honor the members of the Armed Forces, I will share a poem penned by my grandfather:

Take Me Back to Shenandoah
By Joe B.

Take me back to Shenandoah
where the wild red roses grow.
To my Blue Ridge Mountain home
and old friends I used to know.

When the shades of night roll back
or the sun sinks in the west
I feel the touch of the Master's hand
and Love burns in my breast.

I've heard the children laughing.
They sound so bright and gay.
Like the tinkle of the banjo
in the valley, far away.

I've heard the cattle lowing
high up on a hill.
And in the valley far below
cried a whippoorwill.

Now I hear the bubbling brook
as it makes its way to the sea.
I realize that it's part of God,
and God's a part of me.

I have stood the test of life
that God had made for me.
And I know with joyful heart
that God is a part of me.

Comes the rise of the evening star
as it climbs up over the hill.
I know that night is on its way
for I hear the whippoorwill.

And as my path grows dark and long
and I no longer see,
I remember I'm a part of God
and He's a part of me.

And when at last He calls me home
to Heaven's golden shore
I'll see old friends I used to know,
and visit Shenandoah.


  1. That was beautiful...thank you.

  2. Very touching. I see where you get some of your talent!

  3. Beautiful, and Happy Memorial Day to you!

  4. What a gift to have a piece of your grandfather.


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