Friday, April 25, 2008

Books: Born to Be

Become Who You Were Born to Be
By Brian Souza
Copyright 2007
Audiobook read by Don Leslie

This book is about finding your "gift" and in essence doing what you love. If you're bored, tired, frustrated, etc., the hypothesis is it's because you haven't found your gift.

This book doesn't really tell you how to go about finding out what that your gift is, but it strongly urges you to do so.

"Just as musicians must make music, poets must write, and artists must paint, we all have a unique gift designed for a specific vocation that will bring both meaning and purpose to our lives," says the book jacket.

This purports to be a blueprint towards doing that but apparently I need a better blueprint. There were many examples of folks who made good - little biographies that were quite interesting about people who overcame terrific odds to go on to find their gifts and become great citizens.

The book cites the website, multiple times. Unfortunately I wasn't too impressed when the site so I can't recommend it. It doesn't look like it has been updated since 2006.

2.5 stars for the interesting biographies


  1. I have never known what gift I have or what I would be happy doing. I need the answer. I know its out there but time is running out.

    I admire people who "know" when they are children. I however don't have a clue.

  2. Kitty - it is hard to know, and then even if you find it, it may not meet all your needs. You have to keep looking, I think. I wish you luck in your search.


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