Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thursday Thirteen


1. Sleeping is something we take for granted if we do it and miss violently if we're not doing it.

2. I tend to start out sleeping on my back.

3. Then I turn over onto my side.

4. I prefer to sleep with a body pillow when I side-sleep. I toss a leg over the pillow.

5. Up until this week, I slept on a 7" wedge.

6. I started sleeping on this in 1998 after I experienced esophagus problems that warranted a look-see with a scope. The doctor told me to raise the head of my bed 4 inches. We did, and we both slide down and woke crumpled at the foot of the bed every morning.

7. I figure doctors never take their own advice. We lowered the bed to 2 inches and I started sleeping on a wedge.

8. I stopped sleeping on the wedge from about 2003 to 2005 because I was having back problems. Then in 2006 I developed vertigo and the only thing that helped was *not* laying down. So I went back to sleeping on the wedge.

9. About 5 months ago I hit my head on a shelf, and I developed neck problems.

10. I changed my pillows.

11. The little round pillow helped, but my neck problems continued.

12. I don't really care to visit my chiropractor again because I get mixed results from that care. The acupuncturist has helped my neck a lot, though.

13. Now I am trying to sleep without the wedge to see if (a) I stay on level ground and don't get dizzy and (b) it helps my neck and back.

**The dog is stuffed. I bought her in 2001 after my puppy of 17 years passed away because she looks like Ginger.**


  1. Cute doggie! She almost looks real in some of the pictures.
    I know exactly where you are coming from with the sleeping problems. I've tried every pillow under the universe and my neck is still sore everyday. Sigh..

  2. Every morning having to orientate myself. I move around so much that sometimes I wake up sideways on the bed. My sheets are always bunched up and I always have bed-head. But thankfully, my sleep isn't troubled by it. I'm lucky to sleep soundly. I do know how it feels to not...last year when I broke/dislocated my shoulder I was wrapped up so as not to move while sleeping. It was horrible. No position was comfortable.

    Good luck...hope you sleep tight tonight and every night!

  3. Oops, should have proofed that. :-/

  4. I think a lot of people have neck problems, and I think the way we sleep probably contributes to them. But I don't think there's a real "fix" out there for it...

  5. No what kills me, people that fall alseep the second they hit the people. Uh, like my husband! Heck, he can fall asleep sitting up. I am so jealous...

  6. I hope no real puppies were hurt to make this 13 Thursday. Just joking. I relate...vertigo...back pain ... sleeping good is such hard work.


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