Sunday, March 30, 2008

Books: The Memory Keeper's Daughter

The Memory Keeper's Daughter
By Kim Edwards
Copyright 2005
401 pages

Lifetime will have a movie made from this book on April 12.

Dr. Henry in 1964 must deliver his own children, thanks to a snowstorm. One of the twins has Downs syndrome. He hands the imperfect child to his nurse and tells her to take it to an institutional home. He does not tell his wife the child lives.

The nurse chooses to keep the child and raise her herself. She moves away.

The book follows the lives of these two families. Dr. Henry's family is forever marred by his decision and his secret, which he takes to the grave with him.

The nurse's life is enriched beyond her wildest dreams.

In the end, the two families meet. The books ends with a great promise of hope.

This my book club's pick for March. Thanks to my bronchial ailment, I missed the meeting last Tuesday, much to my dismay. I am sure the discussion was great.

I enjoyed this work, although it was difficult and sad in places. Dr. Henry chose to play God and it turned out to be a mantle he could not wear. His decision had many consequences.

If I remember the movie is on, I will watch it, but I am not very good about keeping up with TV.

4 stars


  1. Your review has put this book on my "to read" sounds like a very thought provoking story.

  2. I'll agree with June. I've heard of this book before, maybe I've seen the movie. I dunnno, but sounds worth a look. I've been reading German Boy. Pretty interesting perspective on WWII.

  3. Hello
    Just flipped over to Lifetime to see Army Wives again, and they are advertising this movie - Saturday night 9pm... =)

  4. Yeah, I read this book. If I recall correctly, I thought it was stupid. It reminded me of the typical soap-opera drama. Someone does something and lies about it to protect someone else and it only causes havoc. I gave the book a toss for a while but then finished it because i liked the nurse. I don't recall the ending though.


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