Thursday, February 21, 2008

Total Eclipse of the Moon

Last night was a total eclipse of the moon. I understand there will not be another until 2010.

I thought with the cloud cover that all would be lost, but just after the event began, things began looking up.

I put my Nikon D40 on a tripod and then, not knowing exactly what I was doing (moon pictures have always eluded me), I snapped a few pictures, changed the settings, snapped again.

I didn't get shots that were worthy of hanging on the wall, but I had a good time.

After the shadow was about halfway across the moon's face, the clouds rolled back in and I saw no more of the eclipse.

This morning I saw the moon sitting fat on the horizon, so I grabbed my camera, which was still on the tripod, and hustled out to the front porch in my nightgown and robe.

P.S. There are some really nice shots of the eclipse and the moon at CastleRuins, a new blog I found today from June's blog, Spatter.


  1. Thanks! We had cloud all night (and I know, I got up at 3am to see the eclipse). Your pictures fill in the gap.

  2. Nice. I thought it was gonna be a bust with all the clouds so didn't even bother to look.

  3. Elusive and sketchy being, swallowed up, but big and fat and ready by morning. I do love the moon.

  4. wow!!!!!!!!!!!! I am quite excited that you got to see.

  5. Those are all pretty darn good! It's tough to get those big moon shots. That last one when the moon was back lower in the horizon is beautiful. What focal length were you at? I wonder what focal length is used for those giant and sharp moon shots we see on TV, etc. Not in my budget, I'm sure! Thanks for the link...


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