Thursday, February 07, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

1. Time slips away.

2. When I get up every morning, I have a cup of tea. I put the microwave on for 2 minutes, 15 seconds, to heat the water.

3. In that short time, I can empty and load the dishwasher.

4. Or I can put on my shoes and socks.

5. It seems to me that those two activities should not take the same amount of time, but they do. Emptying the dishwasher sounds like it should take 5 or 10 minutes.

6. It takes me 4 minutes to get in my car and drive to the end of my (very long) driveway for the mail.

7. In 4 minutes I can have a microwave dinner ready if I'm eating something I really should not be eating.

8. It takes me 20 minutes to walk what I can drive in 4. That's because I have to stop halfway up the hill and rest.

9. Some days I can write an entire article in a half hour.

10. Yesterday I spend all day trying to write an article and accomplished next to nothing. Not even the first sentence (which is always the hardest).

11. I have a clock with an alligator face on it above my desk; my closest friend gave it to me for Christmas one year. It actually goes "tick tock."

12. I also have the clock on the computer, a watch on my wrist, two clocks in the bedroom, and five in the kitchen (if you count the clocks on the microwave and stove).

13. Time really is relative, fleeting and all the other stuff people say about it. Mostly there just isn't enough of it.


  1. Wow, I love the thought of having a 20-minute walk to the mailbox. That walk could be my daily walk (that I’m not good at). I’m sure it is not convenient for you, but the thought of being on a piece of property sounds intoxicating. I am desperate for land of my own.

    It is so funny how people we adore can be so different. Your writing, where you live everything is so adorable, however, I cannot be more different than you with the clocks and watches. I never have one, don’t ever know what time is, I have lost every watch that has ever been given to me (given to me because I don’t have one). I am thinking about buying a 31” clock for my little office, so I can have a big clock taking up most of the wall just staring at me.

    Time does in fact slip away.

  2. One cup of tea isn't enough for me. I can work my way through a pot of tea over the course of the day.

    Happy TT.

  3. Kitty - I didn't mean to imply the long driveway and 20 minute walk to the mailbox is inconvenient (although I drive to the mailbox and don't walk it as much as I should). I love where I live and wouldn't trade it for anything. PB - I only drink one cup of hot tea. But I keep a gallon of cold tea in the fridge.

  4. No, I think I inferred that. As in, you may not have the time each day to do it, or it is on your way out to work or errands. I can tell by your photos and what you write that you love where you live. I am expressing admiration, or at least trying to.


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