Monday, February 04, 2008

Changing of the Guard

After you've watched out a certain window for as long as I have, you eventually begin to notice patterns.

Turkeys, for instance, only visit the oak trees when it is going to rain or has rained. I have no idea why.

So they came this afternoon.

Deer are out at all hours; it's a myth that they only eat at night. If they are hungry they will eat in the middle of the day.

They will even join the turkeys and not shy away when the flash on the camera accidentally goes off.

The deer is my birth totem; I relate well to the curious and shy creature. They are keen observers; they see me long before I think they should.

Turkeys? Do I relate to them? Not so much in my youth but now that I am older, maybe a little wiser, I think I relate better. Turkeys relate to the Mother Earth, the third eye, the harvest and to sacrifice. I used to never see turkeys; now I see them all the time. I think there is a message there for me in that.

Maybe I am a mix? My shadow self, my older self exhibiting perhaps the strength and abilities of the turkey, without sacrificing the courage and gentleness of the deer?


  1. I agree. It would be cool to sit and watch the wildlife. I get to hear planes, trains and automobiles. Although I do get an occassional visit from rabbits and squirrels. I love your blog. =)


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