Friday, February 01, 2008

After the Storm

About 3 p.m., sun broke out and sky turned blue.

Ice began to melt and fog danced across the hayfield.

I grabbed the camera. Amazingly it felt quite warm to me as I stood in my yard surrounded by ice. All around it sounded like a downpour as the water dripped from trees and pine needles.

The reflections were such that I could scarcely see. I raised the camera and started shooting, first into the fog, then into the sun, trying to hit the blue sky as the light danced a wiley jig across the frozen limbs of oak, pine and maple.

I am pretty sure that somewhere in that majesty, there were fairies.


  1. I was looking forward to seeing your pictures of the ice. Beautiful!


  2. "light danced a wiley jig" Great line! Beautiful pictures!

  3. What wonderful images - both from your photos and your words...

  4. Dew, I did the same thing. It was amazing, wasn't it? I wish I could have gotten the fog shots like you did, definitely majestic...

  5. I risked big drops of ice falling on my camera to get a few shots. I'm glad I did because it was gone all too soon.

  6. As ice storms go, Friday's was lovely and not *overly* damaging, although I did notice a number of pine tree branches down! I am glad you all enjoyed the pictures.


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