Thursday, July 05, 2018

Thursday Thirteen

Types of war:

1. Civil War

2. War of Independence

3. Cyberwar

4. Ethnic war

5. Cold war

6. Guerilla war

7. Undeclared war

8. Perpetual war

9. War of Succession

10. Trade war

12. Preemptive war

13. World war

What is really sad is I could pick and choose among a long list of different types of war. Humans apparently fight over everything.

There isn't a list (that I could find, anyway) for types of peace. There are long explanations about "peace" but we don't call things "economic peace" or "trade peace." We do talk about World Peace (like that's ever going to happen). Apparently peace is the absence of war.

I think that says a lot.


Thursday Thirteen is played by lots of people; there is a list here if you want to read other Thursday Thirteens and/or play along. I've been playing for a while and this is my 559th time to do a list of 13 on a Thursday. Or so sayth the Blogger counter, anyway.


  1. We do have far more thoughts and words for war than peace, but I found three types of peace that in my experience have proved to be accurate. First, there is peace with God. That's the reassurance a person gets through the faith that they have been saved and that God will take care of them in this life...and that there is something better waiting. Second, there is peace with others. That's the calm we can find through God and the love we can express even when someone is doing their very best to provoke us. Third there is the peace of God. That's the supernatural "peace that passes all understanding." It's the peace that lets someone find the good in tragedy. I also found that there are peacemakers and peacekeepers. Peacemakers take action and will speak up when something is wrong. They change situations, but they do so kindly, not with anger and hate. Peacekeepers, on the other hand, are the world's doormats. They don't speak up ever for fear of disrupting the illusion of peace around them. They are the enablers, the yes-men/women, they walk on eggshells. The peace they preserve is false.

    1. So when we call a group of soldiers a "peacekeeping force," are they not actually doing anything then?

  2. WARnings about war. My grandsons are making cardboard armor for a box war. It's a thing.

  3. But of course there are more words for war. As an author I know well that readers aren't interested in scenes with no conflict.

    1. I know that, too. But there are other types of conflict - man against self, man against nature. It doesn't always have to be man v. man.

    2. Man doesn’t want to face himself in a war he may not like the answers he gets when he looks within himself.


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