Sunday, November 01, 2015

Sunday Stealing: All Hallow's Eve

From Sunday Stealing

Halloween Meme

1. Are you scared of bats?

A. I am scared of bat shit, which can be very deadly to people with lung issues. Also, our local bats frequently have rabies, so you aren't supposed to touch them. But I am not particularly scared of bats. I once traveled miles to visit a cave full of endangered bats for a news article.
2. When you were a kid, did you go out on Mischief Night? (Mischief Night is an informal holiday on which children and teens engage in pranks and minor vandalism. While its name and date vary from place to place, it is most commonly held near the end of October to coincide with the night before Halloween)

A. We didn't have Mischief Night. We did the pranks and things on Halloween night. Not that I did anything like that.

3. What is your favorite trick-or-treat candy?

A. Hey, if it's chocolate, I'm in. Except for chocolate with coconut. That stuff is gross.
4. Have you ever seen a ghost?

A. Many times.
5. The most memorable costume you ever wore?

A. I don't know. Maybe a tramp/hobo costume when I was young.
6. Do you dress up on Halloween?

A. No.
7. Any cooking or baking you do for Halloween?

A. No.
8. Have you ever been to The Haunted Mansion at Disneyland or Disneyworld?

A. I have been to the one in Orlando, whichever Disney park that is.
9. Any element of the season you don’t like?

A. No. Well, it starts getting colder, and I could do without that.
10. What is your favorite scary movie?

A. I don't really have one, truthfully. I don't watch them.
11. Do you cook the pumpkin seeds from your carved jack-o-lanterns?

A. I don't carve jack-o-lanterns.
12. Are you intrigued with vampires?

A. Not particularly. I liked Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but not the vampires. Well, Angel was okay when he was good.
13. What is your favorite written work of horror fiction?

A. I haven't read any in so long. But I think the Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allen Poe is a classic.
14. What is your favorite work of science fiction/fantasy?

A. The Lord of the Rings, which I do not find particularly scary, although apparently Cat does.
15. Who is your favorite monster?

A. Milton. "And now for a touch of tenderness, but I must add only a touch. For without a touch of tenderness, he might destroy me . . . oops! Too much. Better hold your breath, it's starting to tick! (Better hold my head, I'm feeling sick!). Hello Dad! What have I done? I'm Milton, your brand new son!" (And I did all that from memory.)
16. What is your favorite Horror movie?

A. Again, I don't watch them.
17. What horror movie gives you the most chills?

A. Not answering, sorry.
18. What character from any horror film would you most like to play?

A. None of them. I'm a nice person. So I guess I'd play the girl who gets killed in the first scene.


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  1. I love Lord of the Rings! Though I answered with Harry Potter for my favorite fantasy series. :)

  2. I had no idea that bat shit was a real thing and that it is so bad too. Who knew?

  3. Wow--I learned something about bats today!

  4. Great minds again.... I'd just have to say that Angel was more than "okay." LOL

    On bat shit, I'm not afraid of it for me. I'm afraid of it for my car. Back in Sept. I went out one Saturday morning to find this HUGE pile of poo...really weird looking poo...on the trunk of my car. It actually faded the paint a little bit. It was so weird looking I spent a whole night searching pictures of crap from all manner of flying things trying to identify what the heck it came from. I'm still not sure, but my hubby thinks it was bat poo. If it was, I'm left with the mystery of why an entire colony of bats hovered in the same spot over my car to crap in the exact same spot, because no way did one bat do that. Unless....a vampire hovered and did his business. Hmmmm. ;)

  5. We have bats out here in the wilderness where we live. I haven't run into any bat poo, thank goodness. They can keep that stuff.

  6. I don't do horror movies, either. As for favorite candy, anything chocolate without nuts is good -- and that especially includes Mounds Bars. Yum! I don't dress up, either. The closest I get is wearing black and orange on Halloween. Thank goodness they didn't make us dress up at the craft store!


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