Monday, September 07, 2015

Pink Full Moon

The last full moon rose lovely pink. I wasn't home in time to catch it on the horizon, but a bit later I went out to try to capture a few shots of the orb that so fascinates me.

During this little misadventure I managed to bash myself in the face twice with camera. I forgot to tighten a doodad on my tripod. Then I couldn't walk back to the house and my husband had to rescue me.

It's become difficult to take good photos with my limited mobility. It's hard to find the best angle to get the capture when you are limited in where you can place the camera. At least I'm still trying, eh?


  1. Lovely shots -- I wish I could have gotten a decent view of the full moon from my area, where it looked orangish due to smoke haze from western and northern fires.


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