Saturday, June 27, 2015

Saturday 9: I Miss You

Saturday 9: I Miss You (1997)

... because Smellyann suggested it

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

(Not to be an alarmist or anything, but that is one freaky video.)

1) In this song, Bjork knows what she's looking for in a mate, she just hasn't met him yet. If you are/were still looking for The One, what two qualities would you hope he/she possessed?

A. Intelligence and loyalty. I have both of those in my mate, so I am lucky.

2) The lyrics ask if you believe "that a dream can come true." Do you believe that dreams come true if you wish hard enough?

A. I believe dreams come true if you work hard enough. Sometimes things that you want to happen do simply happen, though. Serendipity and all that.

3) Bjork turns 50 this year. Do you treat "milestone" birthdays differently? Or to you, is your age just a number?

A. Generally, age is just a number, but I had a hard time turning 50. I dreaded it. (I personally think that is because I knew that something was wrong with me physically, it just had not yet manifested itself as a bad gallbladder.) My husband, bless him, knew I was nervous and threw me a birthday party. It was just a luncheon at the local pizza place with some friends, but I was really touched that he took the time to do that.

4) Bjork was always highly musical. At the tender age of 6 she began studying classical piano and flute. Sam is impressed because at the age of 6, she was still trying to master tying her shoes. Do you consider yourself musical?

A.  I do, actually. I can manage to pick out a tune on a number of instruments, including piano, organ, accordion, flute, saxophone, piccolo, guitar, banjo, and bass guitar, though aside from the guitar it has been years since I played most of those instruments. I can also sing decently, though not well enough to make a profession of it.

5) She was born and raised in Reykjavik, Iceland. While the city is known for its bar scene, beer was banned there until 1995. How often do you drink beer?

A. Never.

6) 66ÂșNORTH is one of Iceland's biggest employers. This clothier makes quality outdoor wear and this time of year they sell a lot of durable rainwear. Do you have a raincoat?

A. I have an all-weather jacket.

7) In 1997, when this song was popular in clubs, Titanic was popular in theaters. Sam saw it and yes, she cried. How about you? Have you seen the saga of Jack and Rose? Did you enjoy it?

A. I have seen Titanic and yes, I enjoyed it. I don't recall if I cried or not.

8) Also in 1997, singer John Denver died. Name a John Denver song.

A. Annie. Take Me Home, Country Roads. He also wrote Leavin' On a Jet Plane, which was made famous by another group. One of my favorites of his is called   Guess He'd Rather Be in Colorado. It's a beautiful song. Take two minutes and listen to it. 

9) Random question: If you had the opportunity to sky dive, would you take it?

A. When I was 24, I went up in a hot air balloon. My husband thought I was crazy and even though the ride invitation was extended to him, he chose to remain with the chase crew, on the ground. It was one of the best adventures of my life. If I were healthy, yes, I would go. So ask me again when I am feeling a little better, and I'll give an enthusiastic yes.


  1. That is indeed a beautiful song. Hope you get everything solved and can take another balloon ride! Soon!

  2. A hot air balloon ride would be fun, but I think I would be too terrified to actually enjoy it with the fear of heights thing! Have a great week!

  3. We can go sky diving together! : -)

  4. Hot air balloons use to be a big deal around here. I haven't seen any in years though

  5. I'm glad you're a John Denver fan, because I happen to know we're featuring him later this summer.

  6. I would SO love to go up in a hot air balloon. You're right; we did answer the wishing question similarly.

  7. I cried over "Titanic" but only because I knew I'd hate it...

  8. I have a number of John Denver records but I don't think I bought any CDs from him.

  9. I have just about every CD John Denver ever made...or if not EVERY, at least a lot (20-30). I became a fan AFTER he died.

  10. I do havesome musical talent (though not as mny instruments as you), do not like beer, and cried during TITANIC.


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