Thursday, January 29, 2015

Thursday Thirteen #380

Falls are the leading cause of injury among older folks, and can lead to disability and death. Fear of falling actually leads to more falls because people become too careful and stop doing things like working out, which leads to decline.

Here are 13 tips to help you out around your home so that falls are kept to a minimum:

1. Use motion-sensing nightlights in all areas of your house, including, bedroom, bathroom, and hallways.

2. Put handrails on at least one side of all stairways; handrails on both sides are preferable.

3. Place frequently used items within reach to eliminate the need to climb on a stepstool or ladder.

4. Immediately wipe up water or other wet areas so that the floor does not become slippery.

5. Place non-slip strips in the bathroom or shower.

6. Install handrails in the bathroom around the shower and toilet areas.

7. Be sure counters and tables are sturdy enough to support your weight if you lean on them.

8. Chairs with solid armrests are easier to get in and out of.

9. Keep walkways clear of electrical cords, fans, heaters, and other objects.

10. Place your eyeglasses within easy reach so you can get them when you get out of bed.

11. Get out of bed slowly. Sit before you stand. Fast movements can change rapid changes in blood pressure.

12. Do not wear socks only or loose fitting slippers. Shoes should have non-slip soles with patterned tread.

13. Keep exterior paths clear of water hoses, moss, debris, garden tools, or other items. Walk carefully when near pets and small animals.

Extra: Keep a cell phone or cordless phone with you at all times so you can call for help.

Thursday Thirteen is played by lots of people; there is a list here. I've been playing for a while and this is my 380th time to do a list of 13 on a Thursday.


  1. We had to do all this and more for my mother. Here lifeline button is a lifeline!

  2. We had to do all this and more for my mother. Here lifeline button is a lifeline!

  3. I'm not giving up my socks, but outside of that I'm already doing all this. Makes me feel old.

  4. Good tips. I do a few of these things, but should make sure more are in place. Thanks.

  5. Some good tips, but like Alice -- I'm not giving up my socks. I don't wear shoes inside the house to cut down on tracking in mud, water, salt and who knows what else that may be clinging to the bottom of one's footwear.

  6. Re: #6 -- my handyman suggested I add a rail to my tub now. He says that, with our aging population, it will add to the resale value of my home. So safety is now good business!

  7. All 6.5 decades of my largely inert self thanks you for this.

  8. Informative post. I slipped getting in the bathtub not too long ago, and I had a really bad bruise for a few weeks. I like the idea of motion sensor night lights in the hallways and bathrooms.


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