Thursday, May 08, 2014

Three on Thursday

Three on Thursday

1. Do you speak or can you translate another language? Which one?

A. I took Spanish in high school for three years, and I also had a year of Latin. Unfortunately, that was over 30 years ago and my retention of those two languages is minimal.

2. If you eat fast food, which is your favorite fast food place to go?

A. I like a small chain called Bellacino's. They have subs and pizza.

3. The cohost of this meme lives in Pensacola and we just had some heavy rain that cause MAJOR flooding. What is the worst natural disaster you have been in?

A. In 1985, our area experienced a major flood. About 40 people were killed and the damage was brutal. My grandmother lost most of her belongings; her home was along the Roanoke River. The basement in my home flooded even though I wasn't anywhere near water. We had about 11 inches of rain in a couple of hours. It was November 5, a Tuesday, and an election day. I have also been on the outskirts of a tornado.


  1. I can speak French and know a smattering of Norwegian, but failed to retain any of the Spanish I learned (one year in HS). I have been lucky not to have been directly affected by a natural disaster, though we have had blizzards, flooding and tornadoes in the area (several years back a tornado missed my neighborhood by only half a mile -- that's as close as I ever want to get).

  2. Sad how little we retain of a language when you don't have the opportunity to use it. I really wish all American schools required another language beginning in kindergarten. I friend of mine sent he boys to a Spanish Immersion school and they are now fluent in Spanish and English. Unfortunately there wasn't one nearby us or I would have sent my kids to one. Living through any kind of natural disaster would horrible. I hope I never have to.


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