Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Not Standard Issue

My husband came home from the firehouse sporting a new hat.

He said the boys at the firehouse went and had it made for him.

It is supposed to be a floppy hat like Andy Griffith wore in an episode of his show back in the 1960s. The one where he is giving Barney a rough time and wears a floppy hat and a polka dotted tie, and has one of his pant legs stuck down in his boot.

I made him go outside and let me take a picture of him in it.

This is not standard issue, of course. This was an April 1 joke.


  1. Joke or no joke... it's still a great look on your husband. Nice he let you take a photo, my husband rarely allows that. LOL

  2. At least it's a useful April Fool's Day joke. ☺

  3. looks like role playing to me lol no telling what you guys do out there!


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