Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Blacksburg Road in the Snow

Yesterday we had another snow. About two hours after it began, my husband and I climbed in his pick up truck to take a trip down Blacksburg Road to Fincastle.

Going down the driveway.

A house we passed.

The road. We were grateful that the asphalt was clear of snow.

This is an intersection that should be familiar to at least one of my local blog readers (Hi Di!). I was rather amazed at all of the power lines once I downloaded the picture.

About a half mile from Fincastle.

Almost there.

This tractor on the outskirts of town looked forlorn out in the field in the weather.

Fincastle. This photo is of Roanoke Street, taken from the bank drive-thru window.

Going back home, up our driveway.
The Blacksburg Road is one of the older roads in the county. It connected Fincastle to Blacksburg; hence its name. Nowadays the Blacksburg Road is a short seven miles or so, but long ago it was probably 40 miles or so. You can still get to Blacksburg if you know where to make the turn offs.
These photos were taken out the window of the truck with a Nikon Coolpix L22.


  1. Loved the little trip on Blacksburg Road, very scenic ~
    so glad you took me along !

  2. It is beautiful with the snow!

  3. pretty...glad the roads stayed clear!

  4. I bet your husband got cold when you kept saying "STOP!" so you could roll down the window and capture the pictures!

  5. You guys got a lot more snow than we did, nice photos.

  6. Love the top and bottom photos!


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