Saturday, February 15, 2014

A Single Artificial Rose

 Saturday 9: As Time Goes By

You can hear the song on youtube at this link: As Time Goes By

1) This is the theme song of Casablanca, generally acknowledged as one the screen's great love stories. In honor of Valentine's Day weekend, what's your favorite movie romance?

A. I am a sucker for Baby and Johnny in Dirty Dancing, but I also think that the kiss between Aragorn and Arwen in Lord of the Rings: Return of the King rates right up there. It grabs at my heart when Aragorn sees her after thinking she'd died or gone into the west with the other elves, and they'd been apart for so long.
2) Even though he was only 5'8 and had a receding hairline, Humphrey Bogart was a popular leading man. What movie or TV actor or actress makes your heart skip a beat?

A. I have a thing for Orlando Bloom in his character as Legolas in the Lord of the Rings trilogy and in The Hobbit. (I think there is a theme going here). But I confess I find him less attractive in other roles. Maybe I just like elves.

3) Sweethearts are those little heart-shaped candies that are printed with messages like, "Be Mine" and "Kiss Me." Do you like how they taste?

A. Yes. I shouldn't but I have a thing about textures and sugary things like that satisfy that particular craving.

4) Valentine's Day is a big day for florists. When is the last time a floral arrangement adorned your table or desk?

A. My husband gave me a single artificial rose (I'm allergic to the real thing) for Valentine's Day. He left it on the table with a box of chocolates. But the last time I had a floral delivery would have been over the summer, when I had surgery.

5) Do you think an e-card means as much as a conventional card in an envelope?

A. I think anything that says, "I'm thinking of you," is acceptable. However, I do like cards. Here's a reuse hint: cut them into strips and use them as book marks (if you still read print books).
6) Despite what you see on Valentines, the human heart isn't bright red. It's really a brownish shade of red, like a brick. Now it's your turn. Share some trivia that's been rattling around in your head. (It doesn't have to be about Valentines or the human heart. It can be any random fact at all.)

A. Eskimos have more than 50 words for snow. The King James Version of the Bible leaves out any mention of Adam's first wife, Lilith. You can check that out here, if you like. And while we're on biblical disparities, who did Cain marry? If it was his sister, well, eww. If God made other people, why aren't they mentioned? And if God didn't make them, how did they get here? Just wondering.

7) When is the last time you thought your heart would break?

A. Probably in 2011 but I won't go into the circumstances.

8) What is the most recent thing to lift your heart?

A. My husband giving me a nice card and the aforementioned chocolates and single rose. He was so sweet to think of that even in the midst of a major snowstorm and all of the zillion responsibilities he has.

9) Who is the most "hard hearted" person you know?

A. I really don't know. That's a hard question.


  1. Cain married his sister? Ew is right! And there are a lot of questions with the whole evolution stuff. Was there a big bang? Or was it all God?

  2. "Maybe I just like elves," made me smile.

  3. I liked the elf comment too! Whatever floats your boat . . . :-)

  4. Aw, that is nice what your husband did. :)

    And I didn't know that about Eskimos. I guess it's like how Hawaiians have many different words for rain.

  5. Wish someone would have slipped me some chocolates. Of course, I'm better off without them.

  6. I love, to this day, Legolas. Orlando Bloom is yummy. And he's an archer! My favorite weapon in dreams.

    Cain went to the land of Nod and married someone from there. I don't think she was an elf but I think she was supposed to be evil. I don't believe any of it. Illogical even for story telling but a lot or origin myths are.


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